Custom Software Engineering and Consulting

Innovation Science Pty Ltd is an internationally award-winning software engineering company offering high-quality niche software solutions, custom software development and specialist engineering expertise to government and corporate clients around the world.

Whether you are seeking software expertise in corporate, industrial, retail, security or defence domains, Innovation Science has the experience and expertise to deliver. Our software has been deployed in all manner of challenging environments including submarines, aircraft, outback Australia, and city shopping malls. Our engineers have coded over one million lines of source code, and we are proud of maintaining one of the lowest fault rates in the software industry.

All Innovation Science solutions are “engineered to evolve®”. This means they are resilient to the inevitable changes that any market-leading business will need to introduce to their custom developed software. Regular changes and enhancements should be considered a natural part of a software application’s life-cycle. Every aspect of our software development process addresses this fundamental but often overlooked requirement.

We specialise in Open and Evolvable Systems Engineering and were the first organisation in the world to develop a robust methodology for independently evaluating third-party systems for “openness” and “evolvability”. This has since been utilised around the world to help identify risks to open systems procurement options for large-scale complex systems.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your software engineering needs. Please contact us.