Local Presto

Local Presto logoThe Local Presto® content delivery infrastructure allows you to efficiently deliver content to end-user devices based on their location.

The infrastructure is a collection of software applications and libraries that simplifies content delivery and content responses to and from mobile devices based on their current location. The technology is designed to scale dynamically allowing content servers to be physically located as close as possible to clusters of users. As user density grows in a particular region, the region can be seamlessly divided using additional servers to meet demand. Unexpected or short-term demands are automatically off-loaded to servers within the available server grid based on their current capacity, locality and response speed.

If your mobile application needs to deliver content to individual users, groups of users, users based on their location, or perhaps brand or advertise differently based on each user’s location, then you should strongly consider using the Local Presto content delivery solution. You should talk with us!