People Counting

Artists overlay of people tracking sensor coverage within shopping mallKnowing when and where customers visit within your retail environment provides you with business intelligence that helps to optimise staff numbers, determine whether product placement is working, and identify whether point-of-sale figures are representative of the opportunities being presented.

Innovation Science’s People Tracking Sensor Library underpins accurate people counting, tracking and reporting software solutions using a range of sensors including 3D video. Currently deployed as part of the Retrace™ People Tracking Solution (see, the software library offers distributed processing of high-bandwidth data sources necessary to track thousands of people at a time across a network of geographically separated sensors. The software is capable of tracking people between adjoining sensors and building entire traversal histories for every person within the sensor coverage areas.

Anonymity of visitors is maintained within the tracking solution. However, the collected data offers a valuable resource for post-incident security analysis, should the need arise.

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