Horizon Warrior

The Horizon Warrior™ Command and Control Application Framework is a robust, proven platform for rapidly building and deploying complex command and control (C2) software.

Used for simulation, experimentation and deployment trials in various countries around the world, the framework makes it easy to quickly build applications using specialist functionality from the best vendors, and to seamlessly integrate the technology into a single coherent application for deployment. Continue reading “Horizon Warrior”

In the eye of the beholder

“Australia’s Nobel Laureates: Adventures in Innovation” (published by ETN Communications) explores the achievements of each of Australia’s 14 Nobel Laureates and provides a snapshot of innovation in contemporary Australia. The book includes forewords by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Senator Kim Carr, and highlights the breadth of fascinating research and innovation being undertaken in our great country. Innovation Science is proud to be featured in the Technology & Communications section of the publication. The publication has recently been made available on-line. Click here to go straight to the article about Innovation Science, “In the eye of the beholder” by Tim Mendham.