Rail Security

Innovation Science's Rapid Passenger Tracking software is a mass-transit crime investigation tool.

With its origins invented in response to the 2005 London Underground Bombings, the solution can quickly determine passengers that are of interest to any mass-transit crime investigation. The patented solution is suitable for any complex, highly-interconnected passenger rail network that has a modern ticketing system, and where passengers have the freedom to vary their route during their journey (without revalidating their ticket). This includes major networks such as the London Underground, Hong Kong MTR, Seoul MRT, and many others.

The Rapid Passenger Tracking software minimises analysis time for major incident investigations, and offers practical tools to assist in day-to-day crime prevention.

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Horizon Warrior

The Horizon Warrior™ Command and Control Application Framework is a robust, proven platform for rapidly building and deploying complex command and control (C2) software.

Used for simulation, experimentation and deployment trials in various countries around the world, the framework makes it easy to quickly build applications using specialist functionality from the best vendors, and to seamlessly integrate the technology into a single coherent application for deployment. Continue reading “Horizon Warrior”

People Counting

Artists overlay of people tracking sensor coverage within shopping mallKnowing when and where customers visit within your retail environment provides you with business intelligence that helps to optimise staff numbers, determine whether product placement is working, and identify whether point-of-sale figures are representative of the opportunities being presented. Continue reading “People Counting”