Rail Security

Innovation Science's Rapid Passenger Tracking software is a mass-transit crime investigation tool.

With its origins invented in response to the 2005 London Underground Bombings, the solution can quickly determine passengers that are of interest to any mass-transit crime investigation. The patented solution is suitable for any complex, highly-interconnected passenger rail network that has a modern ticketing system, and where passengers have the freedom to vary their route during their journey (without revalidating their ticket). This includes major networks such as the London Underground, Hong Kong MTR, Seoul MRT, and many others.

The Rapid Passenger Tracking software minimises analysis time for major incident investigations, and offers practical tools to assist in day-to-day crime prevention.

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A Face in the Crowd

CIO Magazine’s article, “A Face in the Crowd” by Rebecca Merrett (September/October 2012 print edition) features Innovation Science’s Rapid Passenger Tracking software and provides an excellent overview of our passenger tracking capability. The magazine has kindly given permission for Innovation Science to publish a the article in PDF format.

Click here to download the article in PDF format (393kB). [Link opens in a new window]

In the eye of the beholder

“Australia’s Nobel Laureates: Adventures in Innovation” (published by ETN Communications) explores the achievements of each of Australia’s 14 Nobel Laureates and provides a snapshot of innovation in contemporary Australia. The book includes forewords by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Senator Kim Carr, and highlights the breadth of fascinating research and innovation being undertaken in our great country. Innovation Science is proud to be featured in the Technology & Communications section of the publication. The publication has recently been made available on-line. Click here to go straight to the article about Innovation Science, “In the eye of the beholder” by Tim Mendham.

HOSDB ’09 Exhibition

Innovation Science’s Rapid Passenger Tracking software received an excellent reception at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch Expo (HOSDB ’09) held at RAF Halton, 3-4 March 2009. The annual HOSDB exhibition is closed to the public, but receives up to 2000 visitors from police, security and emergency services in the UK and from around Europe.
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